Sebelum menjadi top spooky monster di Monster Inc (2001), Mike dan Sulley bertemu di Monster University, keduanya mengambil jurusan yang sama, scarer.

Smooth + colourfull animations (uh Pixar, as always), greats plot, georgeous prequel, love it.

Sulley: I act scary, Mike. But most of the time, I’m terrified.
Mike: How come you never told me that before?
Sulley: Because,…..Because, we weren’t friends before.

Whatever lies beyond right and wrong,…True friends supposed to make you a better person.

No Excuse December

Yearly trading is over, even the year is not over yet, no trades are running now.

December is tought months for me, everything seem blur-ed with 3 losses trade, 1 break even, 1 (lil bit) pips, and missed 3 (great) opportunities in the end of the weeks. Yes it was Sucks. Repeats, IT WAS SUCKS!.

Started thinking and had so many point to learn.

You are fool for fighting the markets; do overtrade all over the months, overthinking, and make market complicated more it seems.

Y’ve been know it, the markets will do what they wanna do, they will break the level if they want to, they  break up those level not because you assumed for it Cep!.

From now, never makes an overheat alert on your heads, just watch it and SHUT UP!.

Happy new year btw, trade well nx time.

2014, Where the Smart Gold Goes

Sebetulnya, jarang sekali analisa menggunakan data COT, Commitment Of Traders, hampir tidak pernah malah. Apalagi yang berkaitan dengan komoditas, dalam hal ini emas. Pun begitu dengan short term trading di XAU. Spreadnya masih terlalu besar untuk trader seperti saya

m(_ _)m

Tapi kemaren malem, ada temen fb yang tanya, “Cep, kira – kira ini uang, mending cairin ke rupiah, apa beliin emas yak? Emas disini bagus loh, 24 karat, gak kayak di Indo, dan harganya lagi gila murah,”.

Jawab: Ya kalo misal butuh uang cepet – cepet, mending cairin aja, toh cash is king. Tapi kalo butuh tabungan, beli emas. Mumpung lagi murah.

Dan ini bottom line data COT minggu ini via trader dan’s sebagai referensi.

The action was caught for us by the CFTC in today’s report and reveals the reason behind the sharp moves – hedge funds were doing a good bit of short covering. Some in that camp were also fishing for a bottom and moved back onto the long side of the market. The result of that was net buying by this group to the tune of approximately 6600 contracts.

 Interestingly enough, the entirety of that , and then some more, was offset by Swap Dealer selling. They were net sellers to the tune of some 8,200 contracts.

The Producer/User/Merchant category were also net sellers for the week to the tune of some 2400 contracts. 

The Small Specs were bottom picking this past week as they rushed back onto the long side to the tune of about 2270 contracts. Ditto for the Other Large Reportables who were net buyers of some 1700 contract

Mmmmmhhhh, menggiurkan juga.