Indonesia is a real sleeping beauty with a big market, low leverage, young population, abundant natural resources, increasing capital stock, etc. A paradise for foreign capital. U put singkong in the backyard today, it becomes gold tomorrow because we are on stage of development where increasing marginal return on capital is still far away from the zero inflection point, while deleveraging europe and US are dying and deemed to become underdogs on the global map. I’m bullish on this Singkong Republic

 Ferry Latuhihin


Pernah ada kata-kata dari anonymous, si anonymous ini bilang; Expect the best, prepare for the worts, f*ck with other thing and do your own thing.

Sound textbook yak? Padahal kenyataan, ‘do your own thing’ tidak semudah itu, at least, yang dilakukan sekarang itu isn’t likes a textboox or any other poet who writen on the stones.

Yang gw sadar sekarang, yang gw percayai, cuma satu. Sekarang gw berada ditempat ini, itu bukan cuma kebetulan. Itu karena pilihan-pilihan gw di masa lalu.