Is it long day since my previous post I don’t wrotes something at this blog.

Ah well,  preface first, I still undergo the day as a trader, day by day catch some pips from the currencies, comodities, or stocks, and banked those of it if possible.

Sometimes loosing a few pips, like yesterday for ie, DJIA and Oil fucked my stop in less 5 minutes, “damn it, I was made some coffee at the time”, but is okay, at least now I know why some trader  called ‘loose’ as the bussines cycle, and other make it a reason to bang their heads on tables, and less from the rest, make it a reason to bang up some  head, not his, to the wall LOL. Sorry, bad jokes, hahaha.

And then working another project just for dying out the bored time, exploring javas, sql, php etc-etc-etc, or make some experiment with coffees, or stir up the day with experimental formulas along ‘nasi goreng tutug oncom’ and ‘sayur kacang ndul’. Ough :redface:

Anyway, last sat night have nice chat with the old gunner (his old 59 years, but went he’s in the market, he can shoot anything with no expression, cold but still in accuracy, amazing, maybe the myht about veteran trader is true: there is an water ice thats flow in his blood. His style like chou yun fat in The Replacement Killer movies, just need lil bit hairspray, hahahaha).

He say something about life and it something new for me, so I thought of posting here to share.