25- End of Ramadhan

Forgiveness not changes the black ink at the past, but it does enlarge the white dot in the future.

Happy Idul fitri all. Maapkan hitam-nya saya yak 🙂

She. More Stronger Then Me

She was so young when I and her Bunda’s decide to be separated 3 years ago.

At the time, she crying on my shoulder and stopped when I speech to her softly. “Kita masih akan main bersama kok”. Then, she tighten up her face, and smiling again.

After thats, I know she will grow as empowered, pretty, and fully of smile babies.

And, after and after. Indeed matanya itu jahil banget, selalu curhat kesana-kesini semalaman pas ketemuan, masak-masak Indomie and act like a masterchef, etc-etc stuff we doing together. She always make me smiles when I forgot to smile.

You know why I know she will becaming a powered and stronger then me. Is because I named her with; Regita Bungaku Satriani. 🙂

Hug and kiss. Always.