I can say 2011 it was my key level. Surrounded by intrique, by danger, fighting with myself, w/ fear, w/ hopeless, w/ beauty, w/ dramas,  kurang apa lagi coba? What more can man want? #sigh

2012, 2013, 2014,….Surely, is my time to lives like a king. I can smell-ed it. 🙂

Happy new year.

02.44 AM

Terbangun dari mimpi merit sama temen SD.

Aneh, cuma mimpi tapi seneng-nya itu nyata. Udah cuci muka, udah keplak-keplak pipi, seneng-nya masih tetep ada. Hahahahaha

Liat bantal, set dah, air liurnya sampai menganak sungai gitu. #keplak pipi lagi

Trus buka-buka facebook (really, ini sengaja buka facebook shubuh-shubuh), mampir di fb-nya temen (laki-laki) cuma gara-gara di pp-nya masang pics gerombolan-gerombolan gitu “Kok serasa ada yang kenal yak”?, pas dibuka…And she’s there with her pretty funny faces. Hahhahahahahaha,

—– Gag tahu lagi mo nulis apa, cuma senyum-senyum sendiri aja sama geleng-geleng kepala, aih.

Btw, ini updates trade sore tadi, rencananya gak akan trade sampe tahun baru, tapi pas buka chart trus liat ada setup bagus ya hantam saja, sayangkan yak, masa ada rejeki lewat depan idung ditolak.

All on currencies: -30 pips
+ 250

net: +220 pips

Yu bubu lagi yu…Aq mzH N9ntx5 zn94dht   #eaaaaaaa

Quite Market. Low Market

“The greater danger of most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it’s too low and we reach it.” Michelangelo
-image via tenchu.de

Monitor. Monitor. Monitor.

Update from friday:

-50 pips
+250 pips
DJIA, GOLD, DAX, SILVER: All +75 pips (Scalping mode, liquid less than 15 minutes)
Overall, last week can say it  w/ a ‘good job’, but still have to learn how to monitor the compression works in little time frame.
Annoucement – for my mate (or myself in other hands)

Mate, the way to became a trader isn’t the same with your way to became an Ph.d. As same as in forum say “I don’t believe on coach, or to be coaches, guru, sifu, cikgu, or something like of to other trader”. Trader help traders, not to teaches. Trading is about knowledge on journey of personal trader himself. I can’t teach you anything, the books all spreading in the net, you can choose one of them, ater then you must looks your chart closely, coz I say is everything are in there. Price, price, price. With them, you can see what asset is too expensive or too cheaps.

You say, you have loss billion for seminar, losing in market and anything. This is my problemos? Of course not, fcuk me if yess. Tahts is your failed, you want a simple things, no learn hard, no work hards. So fuck with all your burned bucks.

Study. Study. Study. Monitor. Monitor. Monitor. Take a screen time. Use your brain, use your eyes, use your Ph.d !!!!.

Never act like fcuking losser and begging anything to me, I hate thats. Like I said “I can’t give you anything to make you become a trader”. The key is you must work hards, leran hard, 24 hours if you have to.

Dont ask me for goddam charts too prove what I have done. I use my own capital, I trade for my living. So what I must prove to you eh?

Sorry if all this sound loudly. I cares to you, and I dont wanna seez you like a shit! I dont use system, I just manage risk. Learn from the basic (supply and demand, s/r, price, dow theory, anything, if you lazy for learning all this, I say you’re going nowhere), then adopt it with your own styles, the real trader not copying other trader styles in my humble opinion.

You can ask me if you showed me what you’d learn. Learn with honour don’t ask for spoonfed to me. Don’t waste my time.

Your friend,


22Th, December 2011

-20 pips. No reason, bahkan saya tidak tahu kenapa saya buka posisi disitu, LOL. Heuheuheuheu.

 Time to OVJ and continues to my Tenchu’s stories. Aih.

Trade besok lagi. CU yak. Hope yours trading day are okay.